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With the current work from home arrangement, businesses need to remain agile, productive and competitive. Having the right solutions are critical for effective remote collaboration and to ensure fluid constant communication across management, teams, customers and partners.

Effective remote working requires more than just a functioning laptop and stable internet connection. Networks need ample capacity, secure endpoints for employees to access their files and applications from any location and device, and the ability to access and share files via cloud. Teams still need to plan, discuss, collaborate and track progress together, regardless of location. FUJIFILM Business Innovation has ready solutions that can help you collaborate effectively, share conveniently and yet, securely. Learn how you can do so now with our simple solutions.


Unable to hold physical discussions? Our Whiteboard capability allows employees to share their thoughts during a remote meeting.


We keep employees engaged throughout the work process with ready discussions and easy access to documents across different devices via our collaboration tools.


Need to send documents over to your third party vendor? Want to get timely updates from peers on a whitepaper?


We establish a positive yet active communication process where documents and information are shared readily and easily across teams via our secure file sharing solutions.


Worried about data breach while sharing your documents to third parties? Wondering how to get your manager to sign-off a contract?


We empower employees to be as connected and productive yet maintaining similar level of security at home to safeguard documents, data and device with our cloud, digital rights management and e-signature solutions.


With the at-home workforce, easy access to information is crucial. Help your employees to be productive by allowing them to connect easily and communicate remotely everyday.

Package Includes: DocuWorks & DocuWorks Tray

What you can enjoy: 

  • One simple platform for converting multi-format documents to a single format
  • Whiteboard feature helps employees to express their thoughts during the remote discussion 
  • Convenient sharing of files over network for e-approval and record-keeping
  • “Drag & Drop” function allows easy team collaboration
Stamp & Watermark

Link folder
PDF Conversion
Searchable Documents

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To accomplish tasks and projects together as a team, seamless collaboration is key for remote working. These tools will allow you to work together and grow as a team, while meeting timelines and objectives.
Package Includes: DocuWorks, DocuWorks Tray & Working Folder

What you can enjoy:

  • Easy access to required documents from either your PC or mobile app 
  • Fast yet secure sharing of documents with team members, customers and partners
  • Seamless documents management via Cloud
  • One platform to have cross-communication with team members & external parties
  • Real-time notification and alert capabilities 
Combine, convert and sign digital documents
Easy to retrieve, convert, stamp or sign documents from different sources

Swift exchange of information
Real-time alerts for tracking document status and movements=

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Enables full control and visibility of files shared with team members, customers or partners. Able to track document usage, revoke user rights due to breach and unauthorized access. Enjoy a secured automated workflow.

Package Includes: DocuWorks, DocuWorks Tray, Working Folder & FinalCode

What you can enjoy: 

  • Convenient documents management via a single platform
  • Secure sharing of documents & business critical information through FUJIFILM Business Innovation Cloud solution
  • Easy viewing of documents via web with restrictions (ie. no download or print screen allowed) controlled by sender 
  • Ensure data compliance with full control on shared file usage
  • Enhanced productivity and user experience via process automation
Combine, convert and sign digital documents
Easy to retrieve, convert, stamp or sign documents from different sources

Secure information
Control file access to authorized recipients, track document activity; and modify security policies on demand.
Sync to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Cloud automatically
Swift exchange of information
Real-time alerts for tracking document status and movements


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Send, track and sign documents securely from anywhere.

From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, you can now send and sign off from any location, and at any time. It’s seamless and secure. 
Start using it as a standalone solution or as an “add-on” to your selected package. Find out how now!


What you can enjoy:

  • Business agility by sending and getting agreements signed securely from any device virtually. According to a survey by DocuSign, up to 82% of agreements are
    completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes
  • Accuracy and enhanced user experience for your customers and employees by eliminating manual tasks
  • Cost savings of $36 per agreement by reducing labour costs (according to a survey by DocuSign)
  • Improved employee productivity with seamless digital process
  • Ability to sign documents in 43 languages and to send documents in your native languages (13 languages) to meet customer’s need
  • Easy to upload various types of documents and image files for e-signing
  • Ability to grant access to authorized recipients, electronically sign documents with audit trails throughout the document lifecycle
  • Track document status and send reminders
  • Manage signed documents securely in DocuSign platform

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With DocuWorks, you can access and edit your documents anytime and anywhere with this intuitive tool. Collaborate with other users using instant annotations and automatic alerts when documents are ready for review. Keep your business working continuously with these DocuWorks solutions.

DocuWorks Tray is an optional software for DocuWorks that enables easy document transactions between personal computers. It is a communication tool allowing you and your team members to share digital documents easily and readily.

Working Folder

Working Folder allows offices that are not connected via the same intranet - or different companies - to share information efficiently. Working Folder offers a variety of functions to support business process and increase work efficiency in a secure and dependable environment.


FinalCode helps your employees to share sensitive documents internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized recipients will not have access to them. FinalCode is able to control access to authorized recipients, track document activity and modify security policies on demand.


DocuSign eSignature allows you to enjoy a seamless and easier mobile or remote working. From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, DocuSign eSignature is the world’s #1 channel to send and sign agreements from practically anywhere, at any time.

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